Friday, August 17, 2012

5 signs you’re losing your mind from staying home with the kids

1.      Conversations with your husband go something like this “You are never gonna believe what so and so posted on facebook today! She is ridiculous! Well just wait until she sees what I just pinned to my Pinterest she’ll think twice about her status now!”

2.       You have strong opinions about the characters of children’s television shows. For example Big Bird is a whiney pain in the butt and I can name several episodes of Sesame Street and at least one movie to support that theory.  Once I start on Big Bird it almost always leads to Mr. Noodle and that’s when people really know I’m crazy.

3.       You have “disagreements” with large corporations and as a result have conversations like this, “You will not believe what Domino’s said about Papa Johns!! Oh it is on, I am never speaking to Domino’s again!! Garlic sauce for life!”

4.       You stop seeing how messy your house is and step over the same toys for days before making the effort to pick them up. I don’t usually realize until I take a picture of the kids and see the background and think “Holy crap! Is that my house?!”

5.       You’re so used to every bathroom trip being a public event you don’t even bother trying to close doors anymore.  Maybe you even forgot to close a stall door in a public restroom… Hey, I said MAYBE!!

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