Monday, August 6, 2012

Danger Baby

                I want you to go look at the pictures of my kids that I have posted and take a good long look at Beau. Beau is my danger baby. I love that kid more than anything and I am extremely proud of the fact that he has survived this long. Beau seems to have an uncanny ability to find the most dangerous place to be anywhere we go and be there precisely at the moment you blink or turn your back. I rescue that child from certain death situations on a daily basis, and it is exhausting!  So of course I feel extra proud about being his mom, like he’s my work of art and I want to hang him on a fridge with magnets so everyone can see.  Instead I’ll just post about it on here.

                Just to give you an idea of the work that goes into raising a kid like Beau here’s some info:

·         He vomited from the day he was born until he was six months old.  Now I don’t want you to think that by vomiting I mean spitting up a little after feeding, no I mean full on projectile vomiting three or more feet out at least once a day, for six months. Our Doctor said it was normal and he gained weight just fine, but he still has a very sensitive gag reflex

·         Since the day Beau learned to walk his goal was to run, everywhere, as fast as possible.  He doesn’t want to be held, he doesn’t want his hand held and if his feet touch the ground he will be gone.  Since he runs in a really cute hop-skippity kind of way this can be adorable but his favorite places to run are across parking lots and busy roads so he spends a lot of time being restrained.

·         Beau is an artist. His art is proudly displayed across most the walls in my house. What exactly is a magic eraser?   

·         Another thing about this kid, if you are Beau nothing is more hilarious than torturing your older brother until he loses it.

·         Add to that nothing is more hilarious than torturing your mom until she has to yell at everyone in her “Mom voice”.

·         Oh yeah, and if you don’t feel like eating it, coloring with it, or it showed up in your diaper go ahead and rub it on the wall.

While I'm saying all of that I just have to add that he gives the most honest apologies and sweetest ‘I love you’s.  He’s one of my favorite kids.

Beau as a baby

Beau now

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