Monday, August 27, 2012

Guess Who's Learning Multiplication...

School started back up last week. Thursday night was my first precalculus class. I'm only in that class once a week so it is three hours long. Sounds rough but the teacher is pretty cool so it should go by fast. We aren't allowed to use calculators, I guess that is standard for a math class in a university. I haven't had a math class that didn't require a calculator since grade school. I'm pretty embarassed by how out of practice I am when it comes to doing my own math, the teacher had to show everyone how to do long division again... hello second grade. So I've made myself some awesome multiplication flashcards, because admit it 7's and 8's are the devil!

Conner is bummed about the return to school and the end of summer. When he found out I was going back the first thing he said was "Who will hug me if you're gone?! Who will wake me up from naptime and tell me that they love me?! I hate it when you go to school!" Dramatic much, I guess he comes by it honestly though. Lucky for him I'm only in class three nights a week so he won't be in daycare this semester. I'm trying to put off interviewing daycare people for as long as possible.

Week after Labor day starts the beginning of all the rest of my classes, feels like it is almost Christmas already. Once school starts time really starts flying by.

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