Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is There Anything Grosser Than a Little Brother?

Being the oldest kid is hard, I know it, I was the oldest. I forgot how younger brothers and sisters can be annoying and gross until recently when Conner reminded me.  Unfortunately for Conner, Beau has some interesting quirks that because I’m Mom I thought were just cute and endearing. I guess for Conner they just make Beau “gross and disgusting”. For example, Beau can lick the inside of his nostrils; yeah his tongue is THAT long! He does this a lot when we are at the play place at the mall; he’ll stare down any kid on a toy he wants, licking the inside of his nose the whole time. Needless to say they toddle off and find something else to play with after a few seconds of that.  Hey, at least he’s not the kid who hits, right.

Beau also licks things he wants to mark as his. A few days after we brought the new baby home from the hospital Conner told me that he wanted to return her. Turns out every time I left to use the bathroom Beau licked the baby. He always told me she was “mine baby!!” but I guess he had to lick her to make it official. Obviously we would need to return or exchange her because once something has been licked by Beau it can never be clean again. Ever.  Even has I’m writing this he has licked all over our Nemo DVD and Conner is of course traumatized.

Now that Tillie has been “marked” she has even started to develop her own style of yucky. Oh yeah I’m talkin’ about formula fed baby neck cheese.  Conner has let me know that any blanket she uses she might as well keep forever since it has been tainted by her stinky Tillie smell.  I guess that sweet smell of baby is not treasured by a three year old.
I’m sure as the kids get older they’ll only develop more cute little habits to annoy each other with. Aren’t these the things that make family road trips fun?

this a picture of Tillie and the boys pre-neck cheese

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