Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Bug

                So today me and the boys were playing outside in our backyard, or rather a giant open space right off the back porch of our apartment.   Beau and Conner were tossing Frisbees when Beau stopped in the middle of the yard and started screaming “bug! Bug!”. Beau is terrified of bugs and very often confuses other nonbug things for spiders and bees. I started walking over to him thinking that maybe it was a rock or an old leaf when a giant black bug came flying right at me. Of course I panicked and started screaming and running in circles. This made Beau start screaming but he was afraid to move because the bug was between us. I tried to run over and get him but the bug flew even closer. So I did what anyone in my position would do and ran to get the electric fly swatter I had teased Nic for buying earlier that week. His exact words were “I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it”, his same argument for why we needed a zombie apocalypse stockpile.  

                I ran back out with the swatter and slowly started walking to the point in the grass where the bug had landed. Beau was still standing there hanging onto his little Frisbee for dear life and screaming his dang head off.  Just so you all don’t think I’m crazy this bug was HUGE it was at least the size of TWO quarters, it probably could have carried Beau off and had him as a snack. So I approached very slowly and cautiously. The bug started to climb a strand of grass and I raised the electric flyswatter ready to zap him into nonexistence. Suddenly made brave by the fact that I myself was no longer screaming like a crazy person, Beau ran at the bug and pegged it in the face with his Frisbee then jumping in the air shouting “woohoooo!”  This caused the bug to fly erratically around in circles, which caused me to start shrieking and waving the swatter around my head. This might have been effective had I kept my eyes open; instead, I just looked like a total nut job. The bug flew off over our building and was gone, crisis avoided. Beau continued shouting “woohooo” while doing tiny ninja kicks and punching the air. I turned off the bug zapper as my heart rate slowly returned to normal.


  1. Go Beau Go! Frisbee it! Kerri I see you as I knew you when I babysat for you, running around screaming because of a giant bug! Priceless! :D

  2. I also have a son named Conner spelled exactly like your son's name. He will be 17 tomorrow. Gotta love those boys!!! Stopping by from Kelly's Break Room.

    1. Thanks for checking me out! Happy Birthday to your son :)