Thursday, September 20, 2012

almost... there...

Oh my God, I'm so happy it's Thursday. I just have to make it to Friday and then weekend here I come! How is your Thursday going? Let me fill you in on mine. Beau blew out a diaper... in Tillie's room. The only consistently clean room in the house and of course Beau would poo in it. After I mopped feces out of the carpet I threw him in the bath with Conner. While changing Tillie's diaper shortly there after she peed on the floor, that little girl can launch some pee surprisingly far. Oh while I cleaned that up, Beau popped out of the tub to say hi and surprise me, Tillie, and himself by peeing inches from the baby's head, gross. I can not wait for the weekend, not because I get a huge break but because I miss having Nic here to help scrub crap up out of the carpet with me. He is awfully good about cleaning up nasty messes, unless it's vomit.

On the happy side of today, the boys room is so clean! I took a picture so I can remember it, also notice those two wildmen sitting calmly in their beds?

That's right it is naptime! Time for me to break out all the good snacks and watch adult TV while I do homework.

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  1. Oh, I love a naptime. Love, love, love a naptime. Except I don't do homework. Just the snacks and adult TV (or computer)for me.