Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Growing up?

                I always thought that when you became a grown up you would feel “grown up”. I remember watching the parents I babysat for as a kid and thinking that they seemed sooo old, like adults with rules and mature fridges full of actual food. Now I’m that lady with the kids and I wonder, do I look like an adult to all these kids around me? I keep checking the fridge to see if the contents look more mature than they did when I moved out of my parent’s house seven years ago. I have spinach in the crisper, I know what a crisper is, and I occasionally eat leftovers… maybe that makes me a grown up? For a while we had a house phone, the ultimate adult accessory. Except that it really needed to not be cordless, I think I need a super long curly cord and handset that can be stretched into the next room for “private” calls to really feel mature.

                I’m doing all these things that I saw grownups do when I was a kid and still I feel no sense of adult hood. I buy diapers, I pay bills, I balance a budget, I yell at my kids to quit jumping on the furniture. Yet, when asked a question by someone else’s kid my first thought is always “maybe we should ask an adult”, oh wait maybe they’re asking me because I look like an adult. Maybe once I hit 30 things will change, or else I’ll just skate on up to 80 still fooling everyone on the outside while the kid inside happily eats ice cream for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.  This can’t just be me though, does everyone else feel like they’ve grown up? anyone out there who saw my picture and thought… “hey look at this adult who writes this blog, she keeps three children alive like a pro, how very grown up of her”?


  1. Kerri, Look! There are no comments for this one... must be that every adult out there actually feels like one... doubtful, however. Glad I'm not an adult yet, so I'm not qualified to comment on this post ;)

    1. I guess since I asked the question and now hear crickets chirping, I stand alone in my nonadult/adult feelings.