Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hello Fall, I'd Hoped You'd Never Come... - But, if you're not here who will open my Capri Suns!!!

Fall is finally here, for me that means I can open all the windows and shut off my A/C. For my neighbors it means they can finally see the cause of all the noise and chaos they hear everyday. Of course now that all the windows are open that also means Beau is back to avoiding diaper changes with skill of a very tiny, sticky ninja. I'm sure all my neighbors enjoyed seeing me tackle my two year old and begin changing his poopy diaper only to have him escape mid wipe and start crawling for an exit. Don't you worry though, I caught him. With a good grip on one leg I proceeded to follow him as he crawled around the living room, wiping whatever I could reach. Are you impressed? Well you should be.

Can I put mobile diaper changing on a resume under special skills?

School is back on, so it's a little Lord of the Flies around here. I'm writing up a post to show you what exactly the children are doing while I work on homework.

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