Thursday, September 27, 2012

I like to accessorize with orange...

I’ve been reading a lot of DIY and home decorating blogs lately, and I really wish that I had one of those type o’ blogs. If I had a lovely home deocorating blog that would mean I have a lovely put together home. I would take you on a tour and show you every beautiful room, pointing out little pieces of artwork and handmade touches that bring all my colors together. I would probably have an amazing color pallet and inspire people from all around to wallpaper pinterest with my awesome crap!

Sadly this is not my home. A tour of my house today would go something more like this…

hello, welcome. Don’t mind that bag of garbage blocking the entry, I absolutely have to wait for my husband to drag that out, I never visit the dumpster if I can help it. Then I would show you my living room, I really try to decorate in bright colors and I feel the jumbled array of mega blocks really brings out the orange of the goldfish ground into my carpet. How sweet of you to notice the jumble of dirty children’s clothes, yes my kids are running naked through the house as we speak.

 Moving right along to the dining room, my cleanup policy is “leave it on the floor until it is crunchy enough to vacuum”. I’ve found this the most effective way to deal with mac n’ cheese spills, oh and we’re accessorizing with orange again! Take a look at what I’ve done with my table top, I like to keep is extra sticky, keeps things in place.  Onto our extra open area, or the laundry pen! I truly think that laundry is just happier when it’s free, why keep it in piles when you can just throw it everywhere. Careful though occasionally there is a used diaper hiding under all that, so tread lightly.

Here is the main bathroom, why yes I made that wall art myself, just printed it right off the old computer. Notice the golden halo surrounding the toilet, I recently taught my three year old how to pee standing up. I don’t mean to brag or anything but, it is pretty impressive when you consider I had no previous experience myself!

As I walk you through my hallway I want to quickly point out the fabulous artwork surrounding us. You too can have this stylish decoration in your home, just promise to babysit and I’ll send Beau with sharpies! Not only does he make art I’m sure he could leave you a sweet little brown sculpture to find at your leisure, the element of surprise is just part of the fun.

Blah, blah, blah. I would go on to describe our bedrooms but, I think you get the point. I know I’m not the only person with this going on because when someone posts a cute picture of their kid on facebook the first thing I check out is the destruction in the background. The mess is honest, it’s everyday normal and sometimes it makes me want to tear my hair out, but I love the kids that make this mess.   


  1. Kindred spirit, you and I. Why waste time cleaning up the wet things under the table when they will simply dry up, to be easily vacuumed with the normal crumbs? And I actually said to the guys here to do some kitchen work, "Don't trip over the trash. One of the kids will take it out this afternoon." When our nests are empty, we will have plenty of time to clean properly and decorate beautifully.

  2. No kidding :) I can't wait to see your kitchen, I love your blog by the way