Friday, September 14, 2012

Sometimes There are Four Kids at my House

I believe at heart we are all three years old. No matter how old you get there are always going to be things that make you want to curl up and cry, or kick your legs and scream your head off. For Conner that would be naptime, for me that would be messes that are out of my control. Here’s a little story from today, when I acted like a three year old.

                My kids really love mud. So today while I was on the phone with my mom they decided to take a bucket of water and make a mud puddle right off the back patio. After squishing in the mud for a while Conner decided to go back for more water. He walked through the dining room, down the hall, and through the bathroom and then back outside and tracked muddy foot prints both ways. I actually didn’t even notice until Beau came running into the living room to tell on Conner for nailing him in the face with a mud “snow ball”. Let me just tell you I was less then pleased. I looked around saw mud everywhere, toys everywhere, dishes from lunch next to the dishes from breakfast, and Beau angrily pointing and yelling with mud dripping off his head. Seriously, I lost my damn mind. It was like mess overload, I started yelling “everyone inside, stop throwing mud…  WAIT! Wipe your feet! Don’t bring those sticks with you!!! Oh my god don’t touch anything, don’t sit down! Aaahhhh!!!” Finally I just sat on the ground and started crying, it was all just too much.

 I’m sure you can imagine, being boys, they were extremely confused by this reaction.  Conner stopped and asked “Uh are you crying? Why are you sad? You’re scaring me.”

“I’m crying because there’s mud everywhere, and dishes and toys! You children never listen, I just can’t do this anymore, everything is always such a mess!” I blubbered back at him.

Conner looked at me the way I look at him in the checkout line at Walmart when I won’t let him borrow my “shiny dollars” to purchase legos, resulting in a meltdown.  Basically his face said “woman you are bat shit crazy”. Than he casually strolled over to the table and picked up some dishes and announced “I’m putting dishes in the sink, does that make you happy?” How very manly of him to announce that he is cleaning something as he does it to make sure that it is noticed and remembered… but yeah it did make me feel better.

I don’t really have any insight to give you about this other than, my house will always be a mess and I can act like a child. Things aren’t always funny when their happening, but their usually funny to look back on.

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  1. THat's awesome. I often think if we just act the way they act maybe it would straighten them out. I love how he didn't know what to do so he put dishes in the sink. And that he had to announce it. Maybe now they'll be like "we better clean up or mom will cry again". That should work until they are about 12 and then that will backfire too. Found you at finding the funny.