Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We Made a Project

Lookie what we made today!


You can't tell well from this picture but I used hot glue to write the kids names on this canvas, and spray painted the whole thing white so you can read the names raised up. Then we dipped their hands and feet in paint and stamped around the areas where their names are. You can tell which child is the best behaved by how neat and tidy HER footprints are.
Here you can see Beau's name under one of his foot prints. It was surprisingly less messy than you would think. I don't have any pictures of it happening because paint was going everywhere and so was Beau.
Not to brag or anything but... my kids make the best art! I wish I had a giant refrigerator so I could hang up every drawing, painting and doodle!
I'm slowly adding to my kid wall. So if you were to come over to my house instead of just carrying on about how cute my kiddos are I could just show you this wall of adorable photos and priceless art. I need to frame the picture Conner drew of me, you will be extremely impressed by the giant wiener he added at the very end.
P.S. Still no sign of Beau's missing poo, dare I hope twas naught but a shart?

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