Friday, October 26, 2012

Preparing for Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy will be my second hurricane here in Virginia since we moved last August. Hurricane weather is so different from anything I ever experienced in Colorado and I think it has given me a little perspective into the way other people feel about major blizzards. Growing up in Colorado I always took for granted knowing how to deal with snow and thought it was weird that nonnatives would have issues. Now I have to deal with hurricanes and quite honestly they FREAK ME OUT!

Last year when we had Irene come through we had only lived here a couple weeks and were staying with Nic’s parents. Mostly we just got a lot of rain and lost power for 24 hours and tried to eat our way through the 20 gallons of spaghetti my Dad-in-law made in preparation. I think the worst part was no AC, no lights in the bathroom, and pinecones hurling through the air at 70+ miles an hour.

Now we’re looking at another hurricane making landfall and maybe ruining Halloween and it probably will be just like it was last year. Dump some rain, kill some power, knock over a couple trees and be gone. However I am mentally preparing myself for a catastrophic flood, where the ocean possibly rises so high that it flows over the boardwalk and down to my house. We spend the next week stranded on our roof trying to spell out SOS with our bodies and playing rock-paper-scissors to decide which child to eat first. Which will probably be Tilli, because she is after all the newest and have you seen her thighs?! She’d be juicy, that’s for sure. Well, it definitely won’t be Beau, I’ve seen the things he licks for fun and I don’t think my immune system could handle him. If for no other reason this situation is why we should own a pet, right? So we have more emergency food!


They tell me it probably won’t come to this, but I don’t know… it’s a freakin’ hurricane people!!!

Our Trip to the ER *WARNING* pictures included

So Tuesday night, about 15 minutes before my husband got home from work, the boys were rough housing in the living room. Conner was chasing Beau around when he tripped over a toy and smashed headfirst into the coffee table. I wasn’t in the room but I heard the impact, then screaming and ran out to find Conner walking into the dining room with blood pouring down his face. I’ve never had to treat one of my kids for a head wound before so I really wasn’t prepared for the amount of blood that was gushing from his forehead.  In my mind there is a line between injuries I can handle and injuries that need 911, for me this was as close to that line as I have ever come.

I had Conner lay down on the floor while I put pressure on his head to stop the bleeding and after a few minutes it looked like it was starting to slow down. Of course this was when he announced he really needed to go pee. Of course he did. We waddled to the bathroom both covered in blood and he couldn’t unbutton his pants so I bent down to do it for him. When I saw the blood on his clothes and my hands I started to feel like I was going to vomit then pass out. Luckily Nic walked in before I could blow chunks all over our traumatized kids and I crawled to the hallway to pull it together.

The gash wasn’t huge but it was more than we could fix at home with a couple angry birds band aids, so Nic stayed home with Beau and Tilli and I took Conner to the ER. Well first we went to urgent care, but apparently they didn’t take our insurance so they told us to drive to a hospital. A-holes.

Once at the ER they moved us through pretty quickly and Conner was awesome, sweet, and polite. This quickly earned him a plethora of awesome superhero stickers from the nurses. He finally ended up needing one staple, and took it like a freakin’ champ! He claims he wasn’t brave because he cried, but damn I would also cry if I got a staple stuck in my scalp without anesthetic. His bravery and quiet sobs earned him several more stickers and… ICE CREAM. You can bet he forgot all about his busted coconut after that. So the staple is in for a week, and Conner is already over the whole thing and learned not a single damn lesson about playing rough inside. So thanks to a suggestion from my Mom-in-law I will probably be turning the coffee table into a coffee ottoman.


OK, now for the kinda cool but maybe a little gross pictures. If you are squeamish just stop here… if you are curious please continue!
I took this while we were waiting in the ER because Conner wanted to see what his "booboo" looked like.

Here's a shot of the staple

Here he is afterwards at home wearing all the stickers he earned and making a weird mouth face thing... I don't know what that is.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Graco Safety

So I don't know  if you follow me on facebook, or twitter... or even instagram (you should by the way) but on Saturday I went to the Graco Snugride safety event hosted by Babies R Us. This was a kind of kickoff for the new car seat that they just came out with based on the change in safety guidelines for the ages children should be rear facing in a car seat. Just in case you didn't hear about that yet, it is birth up to two years old. Huge change from what was acceptable when I was a kid, seriously how did any of us live to adulthood?!

So at the event we got to play with the seat, check out the matching stroller and meet other blogging moms. Pretty cool! I was hanging out free from the kids that day and my husband was home with the monsters. He called me a couple times to say "Why are you doing this, how could you just leave me here?! I've been cleaning all day and there isn't a noticeable difference in the apartment...why won't they NAP??!!!" Ah yes, basically the same call he gets from me at work all the time but today I was out with my Mom-in-law and Sister-in-law and no kids for us!! Do you know how awesome it feels to hear other people's screaming kids in a toy store and just for once get to be the stranger who flashes you the smile of understanding and commiseration. To all those harassed parents dragging their kids through BRU on a Saturday, I have been there and I feel your pain!!

Anyway, I'm getting away from the actual point of this post. The carseat is pretty awesome!

Besides the fact that the print is ADORABLE! The inserts on the inside can be removed or added to fit a child from 4 1/2lbs to 40lbs. My daughter is 5 months and she is already almost out of the carseat we got before she was born. My kids are usually fast growers and chunky babies so this seat is perfect! 

The base the car seat sits on is in my opinion its strongest selling point because it is so easy to adjust. you can change the angle the baby sits at while it is clicked in but pressing two buttons and sliding it. This is how it can fit an infant and a 2 year old, you just slide the seat back and there is instantly a good amount of legroom up front.
There is also a foot guard that pulls up so you can try to protect your seats from shoe damage. It has these two little feet and is so dang adorable! Of course any parent knows that if you really want to protect your seats they should have encased the seat in an extra large hampster ball, but whatever I like the effort!
So at the end of this demonstration there was a drawing for the seat and guess who is getting a brand new car seat.... ME! Technically my Mom-in-law won it but my kids are bounced between her car and my car all the time I guess we can share. Here's a link the picture of all of us at the event with the seat.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Family Pictures

Last week we took a quick trip out to Denver, CO. It was or first trip back since we moved last August and we packed a lot in to that five days. We went to a friend's wedding, baptised Tilli, and took family pictures. Our photographer is an old friend from our homeschooling days and she takes AMAZING pictures! She sent me a couple last night and I have to put a couple up here, they are so adorable!!!

I love this picture of Tilli and Nic!

The best part of these pictures is how they capture the real personalities of my kids.

Every now and then I buy something that costs more than $5 as a baby accessory, like that adorable denim jacket Tilli is wearing! Seriously I could just die it is so cute!!

Here's my little family...
and here's my whole family, we look great!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Perks of Parenting

I thought I would take some time to write you a little listof the perks that come with parenthood. Sure, I know some of you read mystories and think “er mah GERD!!! I am never reproducing!” but there is aserious upside to having tiny persons running about the house, and here’s a fewof them.

1.      Number one is never being stranded on the johnwithout TP again. My husband has this endearing habit of burning through athird of the stuff in one sitting and leaving maybe two squares for the nextlucky bathroom user. That next user is me 90% of the time because everyone elsecan pee standing up at my house. Now that I have kids I can yell at one of themto rescue me… totally makes childbirth worth it!

2.      Since potty training Conner I have access to eventhe most exclusive restrooms. You know those places with the signs that say “nopublic restroom” or “bathrooms for paying customers only”. Let me tell you,when faced with a three year old doing his peepee dance and eyeing their pottedplants they change their tune real quick! My bladder ain’t what it used to beso this comes in handy quite often.

3.      I have unnaturally cold hands and feet and mykids are like adorable little space heaters. All the energy in their tinybodies brings their temperature about equal to the core of the earth. This isgreat when they want to snuggle up on the couch and pretty dang awful when theyshow up in your bed at 2 am.

4.      Strollers with cup holders and extra storage… boom.I shouldn’t even have to explain this, but I will.  I hate carrying my own drinks around, makes myhands cold. I hate carrying my own purse around, makes me feel weighed down. Idon’t know what I did before I had a stroller, in hindsight I guess I probablyjust carried my own junk and held my own soft drinks, but not no more!

There you go, a couple universal, objective reasons havingkids is awesome. I love my kids and you can see for yourself the benefitspackage is amazing!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

that time I embarassed myself... oh wait there's lots of those

Believe it or not sometimes my children aren’t the most embarrassing people in my life, I do pretty good on my own too. What can I say, when you take high levels of gullibility and add sleep deprivation to a person who is generally not the quickest on the uptake you would have, moi. To put it plainly, if you want to get ahead in a pyramid scheme and need people to fill your lower brackets, invite me to your party! I’ll even bring dip.

Anyway, here’s a story that begins mildly embarrassing and ends deeply humiliating, enjoy.

When I was pregnant with Tilly I went through some god awful morning sickness and the only think I could choke down was mall sushi. For some reason when everything else smelled like poo to my sensitive nose, mall prepared cheap-o sushi was da-BOMB! I would walk through the mall every time I had class and spent a small of fortune somewhere in the neighborhood of maybe $50 that semester, all of it to feed that craving. The place I usually went did not have soy sauce packets instead they put the stuff in little jello shot containers. Convenient for dipping, but they did not hold together well in a book bag.

One day I packed one into the side pocket of my school bag and walked across the street to class . Not surprisingly it came open and leaked out the mesh pocket, dripping through the lobby, the elevator, down the hall, and all the way to class. Of course I didn’t notice. I remember thinking “gee, it smells good in here… kinda like soy sauce” then I took out my snack, reached for my sauce, and realized what had happened. Only like 10 minutes after everyone else in the class. I was slightly embarrassed but, hey no big right? I decided I couldn’t eat sushi without sauce, no way. No sauce might induce random preggo vomiting and that would be a little awkward.

I decided to race out the building and across the street and grab some sauce from a nearby Chinese food restaurant. I thundered panting through the door and noticed an Asian woman, she was the only person in the restaurant. So of course I ran up and asked “Can I have some of your soy sauce?!” She looked a little confused and replied “I don’t work here.”

Oh hey, maybe that was why she was seated at a TABLE holding a MENU! Maybe every Asian person in a Chinese restaurant does NOT work there. Maybe the ground could have swallowed me so I could disappear and accidentally racially insult a group of tunnel dwelling gnomes!!! Uh no, that didn’t happen, I waited for the hostess to come out took my soy sauce and hauled ass out of there.  

That is the end

I have the most awkward endings to stories, I’m sorry but if you’re looking for some sort of moral behind the tale I got nuthin! Well maybe this, I can be an idiot and it is very often incredibly embarrassing for myself.

Monday, October 1, 2012

that time Conner made up his own super awkward joke...

Conner is really into making up his own jokes lately. Usually they make no sense and the punch line follows his own weirdo logic. For example, "knock knock." "who's there?" "a zombie" "a zombie who?"  "punched in the face with a coconut!". I  know what you're thinking, look out Dane Cook!

Anyway, this weekend I took the boys to Hancock Fabrics with me to look for craft supplies while Nic and Tilly napped at home. You can imagine how well behaved and quiet they were in a store full of tiny shiny crafty shtuff and yards and yards of fabric. After cruising the aisles for a while I was perusing some lovely cotton quilting fabric when Conner thought of another joke and loudly asked "Do you know what the horniest animal is?!" I was slightly flabbergasted and thinking I surely misunderstood him I asked "Whaaa... Could you repeat that?" Yeah, I asked him to repeat it, I don't know what I was thinking. Of course he repeated it, even louder. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE HORNIEST ANIMAL IS???!!!!!" To say I wanted to die would be an understatement. He quickly followed that with "The rhino, of course." Oh yeah, that makes sense because of their horn.... of course that was the first animal I thought of, you too right... right?  I could tell by the faces of the ladies in the quilting section that the rhino was probably not the first animal that popped into their minds. I steered quickly towards the drapery panels, muttering "that's nice honey, very funny joke... oh look at that shiney thing, how about we tell more jokes in the car, ok."

Driving with Nic - Thank you for shouting all those instructions at me while I'm driving. How did I survive this long without you as a passenger?
This e card pretty much sums up how I feel about driving with Nic in the car. I bet most of you can relate. He says if we get a minivan he's not going to ride in it, I'm not sure if that is a threat or a friendly go ahead to buy one.