Friday, October 19, 2012

Family Pictures

Last week we took a quick trip out to Denver, CO. It was or first trip back since we moved last August and we packed a lot in to that five days. We went to a friend's wedding, baptised Tilli, and took family pictures. Our photographer is an old friend from our homeschooling days and she takes AMAZING pictures! She sent me a couple last night and I have to put a couple up here, they are so adorable!!!

I love this picture of Tilli and Nic!

The best part of these pictures is how they capture the real personalities of my kids.

Every now and then I buy something that costs more than $5 as a baby accessory, like that adorable denim jacket Tilli is wearing! Seriously I could just die it is so cute!!

Here's my little family...
and here's my whole family, we look great!



  1. I am loving the one of the three kids. True personality photos are my favorite. You picked a great spot to have them taken. It really sets you all of nicely.

    1. Thanks! The place we originally intended to do them was closed and this is an open space across the road. The kids showed varying degrees of cooperation, but never got all three happy at the same time. This drove my mom nuts, but to me that is just the norm and I love to look back and remember them how they actually were, not how we pretended they were for 30 minutes.