Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Trip to the ER *WARNING* pictures included

So Tuesday night, about 15 minutes before my husband got home from work, the boys were rough housing in the living room. Conner was chasing Beau around when he tripped over a toy and smashed headfirst into the coffee table. I wasn’t in the room but I heard the impact, then screaming and ran out to find Conner walking into the dining room with blood pouring down his face. I’ve never had to treat one of my kids for a head wound before so I really wasn’t prepared for the amount of blood that was gushing from his forehead.  In my mind there is a line between injuries I can handle and injuries that need 911, for me this was as close to that line as I have ever come.

I had Conner lay down on the floor while I put pressure on his head to stop the bleeding and after a few minutes it looked like it was starting to slow down. Of course this was when he announced he really needed to go pee. Of course he did. We waddled to the bathroom both covered in blood and he couldn’t unbutton his pants so I bent down to do it for him. When I saw the blood on his clothes and my hands I started to feel like I was going to vomit then pass out. Luckily Nic walked in before I could blow chunks all over our traumatized kids and I crawled to the hallway to pull it together.

The gash wasn’t huge but it was more than we could fix at home with a couple angry birds band aids, so Nic stayed home with Beau and Tilli and I took Conner to the ER. Well first we went to urgent care, but apparently they didn’t take our insurance so they told us to drive to a hospital. A-holes.

Once at the ER they moved us through pretty quickly and Conner was awesome, sweet, and polite. This quickly earned him a plethora of awesome superhero stickers from the nurses. He finally ended up needing one staple, and took it like a freakin’ champ! He claims he wasn’t brave because he cried, but damn I would also cry if I got a staple stuck in my scalp without anesthetic. His bravery and quiet sobs earned him several more stickers and… ICE CREAM. You can bet he forgot all about his busted coconut after that. So the staple is in for a week, and Conner is already over the whole thing and learned not a single damn lesson about playing rough inside. So thanks to a suggestion from my Mom-in-law I will probably be turning the coffee table into a coffee ottoman.


OK, now for the kinda cool but maybe a little gross pictures. If you are squeamish just stop here… if you are curious please continue!
I took this while we were waiting in the ER because Conner wanted to see what his "booboo" looked like.

Here's a shot of the staple

Here he is afterwards at home wearing all the stickers he earned and making a weird mouth face thing... I don't know what that is.


  1. Holy cow! Head wounds are so stinking bloody. We've had one major head injury, requiring 16 stitches, but never a staple. That looks nasty! Poor kid. Poor you. I'm guessing you are going to spend the next week yelling at him to "Watch your head!" as he wrestles and runs around. Good times. I love the fish face he's got going on.

    1. Yikes! 16 stitches?! Conner usually has no major injuries, so Ifigure if he ended up needing one staple Beau will probably break his neck on the dang table. How do boys even live to adulthood?