Monday, October 1, 2012

that time Conner made up his own super awkward joke...

Conner is really into making up his own jokes lately. Usually they make no sense and the punch line follows his own weirdo logic. For example, "knock knock." "who's there?" "a zombie" "a zombie who?"  "punched in the face with a coconut!". I  know what you're thinking, look out Dane Cook!

Anyway, this weekend I took the boys to Hancock Fabrics with me to look for craft supplies while Nic and Tilly napped at home. You can imagine how well behaved and quiet they were in a store full of tiny shiny crafty shtuff and yards and yards of fabric. After cruising the aisles for a while I was perusing some lovely cotton quilting fabric when Conner thought of another joke and loudly asked "Do you know what the horniest animal is?!" I was slightly flabbergasted and thinking I surely misunderstood him I asked "Whaaa... Could you repeat that?" Yeah, I asked him to repeat it, I don't know what I was thinking. Of course he repeated it, even louder. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE HORNIEST ANIMAL IS???!!!!!" To say I wanted to die would be an understatement. He quickly followed that with "The rhino, of course." Oh yeah, that makes sense because of their horn.... of course that was the first animal I thought of, you too right... right?  I could tell by the faces of the ladies in the quilting section that the rhino was probably not the first animal that popped into their minds. I steered quickly towards the drapery panels, muttering "that's nice honey, very funny joke... oh look at that shiney thing, how about we tell more jokes in the car, ok."


  1. I totally would have answered, "Baboon". I am not usually a fan of kids' made-up jokes, but that one is hilarious!

  2. I'm not usually a fan either, and unfortunately I have to hear them all day long. It would be just my luck that the first funny joke the kid tells would be in the middle of a crowded craft store.