Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lord of the Flies

I told you in a much earlier post that I was working on a post to show you what the kids are doing while I'm working on homework. This should give you an idea of what is going on at our house most days,

1. I put out meals and snacks for the kids but from the stuff they scavenge from the around the house you would never guess. Beau likes to climb into the refrigerator and look around, he will bring me things like soy sauce and cheese slices through out the day. Just in case you're worried about Beau actually getting trapped in the fridge, I'm not good enough about eating leftovers or actually cleaning out Tupperware for that to become an issue ie. there's no room for that kid in the fridge.

2. Conner spends a lot of time locking Beau out of the bathroom, this sends Beau into fits of rage and sadness and as he throws a tantrum outside the door he repeats to me over and over "This not making me happy, this not make me HAP-PAY!!!"
3. What do ask is Conner doing in the bathroom? He tells me he needs privacy, what this really means is that he wants to hoard all the bath toys into the sink and not share with Beau. Well, I can only handle Beau's protest for so long and then everyone is back to sharing in a forced loving manner.
4. Once the boys are playing together again there is nothing they enjoy doing together more than throwing lizards at the wall. I bought a couple bags of squishy lizards at Target one day and go figure if you throw them at the wall they stick really, REALLY good. If you throw them at some one's face really, REALLY hard they stick for a couple seconds and it is hilarious!
5. When left alone in the living room my boys like to take all the cushions off the couch, throw them everywhere, and jump from cushion to cushion. Can you guess what game this is? That's right, they're playing don't touch the lava! Except my kids play it with a twist, here's the extra rule according to Conner "You throw fireballs at each other's heads to knock the other person into the lava". so basically they throw blankets and pillows and toys at each other as they jump through the air to knock someone onto the floor. I can't imagine why we had to get a staple in Conner's head the other day.
6. After a couple hours of this insanity I'm saying things like "Go to your room! I'll put on Barney or something, please! Before I lose my DANG MIND!!!" Conner replies "Was that a bad word? Can I use that word? When you interrupt me in the bathroom it makes me lose my dame mind too!"
7. Now finally it is nap time, best time of the day. Sometimes I don't even care if they sleep. I just need them to be really quiet and unseen for a couple hours while I try to understand cube root functions and invisible numbers.
8. Are you wondering what Tillianne does this whole time? She's just hanging out, watching the madness unfold, happily shaking the little pieces on her bouncy chair or whatever that thing is.  



  1. So freaking funny! Similar insanity goes on here pretty much all day, every day. Bottoms up.

  2. I didn't know that the lava floor was universal!
    And things always sound worse coming out of kids' mouths, don't they? I had to stop saying "freakin'" when I heard my three year old chanting, "Roy's in his freakin' home." Funny at home, not so much in public.
    Hilarious "What the?" look on your daughter's face.

    1. Tilli's face is in a constant expression of "what the.." I guess that's what you get growing up around here :)