Thursday, November 1, 2012

Surviving Sandy: A Murder Mystery

So my last post found us getting ready for hurricane Sandy to hit. Luckily we did not have to eat any children, we actually didn’t even lose power.  At the end of the second day of rain we noticed that the boys room was starting to take on water. Looks like one of the windows wasn’t sealed properly and with all the rain coming at once the carpet was soaking up all the moisture. Also a strange stain appeared on the ceiling, in the dim light it looked like a water spot. We piled all the kids into the baby’s room and called it in to maintenance the next day.

Well, the next day came and with more sunlight in the room the stain kind of started to look less like water to me and more like an oily substance with maybe a slight tinge of orange.  As you can imagine after being trapped in my house for three days during the hurricane, I saw that spot and my brain started running.  I sent a text to my neighbor upstairs Bill to check if him and his roommates were safe.  He responded saying he was with his mother in the next city and they were fine, Trey the guy who rents the room over the stain was also staying with family. That meant the only person home was Ron. Now Ron is a little shady, he’s new and always seems to be on the verge of getting his 30 day notice to vacate.  He can also be very loud.

Well, after staring at the spot for a few hours it occurred to me that it was right under where Trey’s bed would be.  Then I heard a lot of loud thumps, noisy vacuuming, and some other motor-ish type noises. I sent a text to Bill and asked if he had actually heard from Trey to make sure he was safe or was he just assuming. Turns out, Trey wasn’t answering calls or texts and neither was Ron. Loud noises, shady neighbors, people not answering phones… my mind went to the next logical assumption...murder.

I called my Mom in law to run the idea by her, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind. I explained the theory, Ron had murdered Trey sometime during the hurricane for reasons unknown. All the noises I was hearing were probably him disposing of the body and there were bodily fluids dripping down into the boy’s room through the ceiling. She assured me I wasn’t crazy and it actually made a lot of sense.

I ran around locking all the doors and windows and called Nic to let him know about the crime scene before he got home from work. He came in let me know he thought I was totally nuts when suddenly there was a knock on the door. I peeped through the peep hole and… duhn duhn duhn, Ron was standing outside. We all scrambled in different directions me for the back room, Nic for a baseball bat to have on hand and then he slowly opened the door. Apparently Ron just needed help activating his Track phone, he lost the one he had before and couldn’t receive phone calls all day.  Suspicious? Indubitably!

A couple hours go by while we try to think what to do. Still no one can reach Trey, Bill decides to drive back to help figure out what is causing the stain. Finally I decide to run to the grocery store and grab food for dinner. On my way out guess who I run into? Trey!!! He was alive!! He hadn’t been murdered, just forgot his phone charger or something. That left everyone alive and accounted for.

What did I learn from this? Nothing. I’m sure whenever I see a weird stain I will assume murder, that is just where my head goes. However next hurricane I might try to hole up with a few other adults so we can keep each other sane. We still don’t know what the stain is, maintenance will be fixing that later I guess.

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  1. Thanks for the update. And all I can say for it is Hahaha! Glad your family and Trey made it through safely.