Thursday, November 29, 2012

what really happened that day....

Soooooo based on some feedback I got on my last post, I gather you all want to hear the story about what happened in the play place. Ok, maybe the only person who cares is my little sister Shannon. Well Shanny Pants, this one’s for you girl!

The other day we’re hangin’ at Chic-fil-A, I’m enjoying a chicken sammi in peace and quiet while the boys disobediently ignore their food and play. Whatever, more fries for me.

As I’m watching them through the glass I start to notice a little boy following Beau as he tries to climb. The kid is grabbing his shirt and pulling him off of the plastic steps. The kid looked to be about two, so I decided to wait a second and see how Beau would handle it. I watched Beau tell the kid to let go, he pushed his hands away and tried to climb past. The kid grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him back, Beau told him “don’t touch me!” and still the kid kept messing with him.

The parent were sitting in the back not paying any attention so I popped my head in the door for a quick “Hey guys, let’s keep our hands to ourselves and if someone asks you to leave them alone, leave them alone. OK? Everyone make eye contact and tell me you understand.” Mmmmhmm, they all got it, boom situation momhandled!

Not, I sit down and look up to see Beau at the top of the play place with this kid inches from his face squishing him into a corner of a plastic cube.  Every time Beau tried to move the kid grabbed his shirt and dragged him back. I started banging on the glass Conner and Beau both looked at me as I gestured wildly at both of them. With hands and facial expressions I said something like this,

 *Conner go help your brother!* *Beau! That kid is the same age as you and I think you definitely have grounds to whack him!* *Conner! Go drag that child off Beau!!!!*

Obviously my kids are not great with charades because neither of them got the message. So I grabbed the baby and stomped in there to rectify the situation post haste! I yelled up to the kid to cut it out and let Beau past, he ignored me. So I grabbed Conner and said,

 “Hey, that kid is being mean to Beau, you need to get up there and grab your brother and bring him back down here.”

Conner ran up the slide looked the kid in the face and said “Hey that’s my brother and he is coming with me!” immediately followed by the sound of Conner tumbling down the slide. He got to the bottom and said “That kid is really big and he pushed me down the slide.”

Time for a pep talk,  “DUDE! That kid is two feet shorter than you, just move past him and grab Beau. Tell him it is not ok to push people and stick up for yourself! You can do it!”

Pumped up and ready to defend his tiny honor, Conner scrambled back up that slide and announced “Hey, no one picks on my brother and pushes me down a slide!” Then immediately came rolling end over end back down the slide for a second time to tell me, “Mom, that kid is huge, HUGE! I can’t save Beau. Seriously he is like a giant, and he pushes people!”

*eye roll*  *sigh*  *shoulder shrug*

“Well then sit here and hold your sister, I’m going up.”

I slowly and painfully crammed my body up the plastic steps and into the tunnel to pop out in the square where trust me there was no room for an adult. I grabbed Beau looked the kid in the face and said “Move over bacon.”  Wide eyed he moved away from the slide entrance, I dropped my kiddo down and slowly followed in a grunty, squeaky, horribly uncomfortable way.

Once back on the ground we packed up our stuff and got ready to leave, still no sign of the kid’s parents checking in or noticing anything whatsoever. As Conner would say “Lame, lame, LAME!”


  1. OhMYword. I don't *want* to hate other people's kids...but yet i do. It was probably one of my nephews. I'm sorry.

    1. Surely not, lol. I try really hard to like other people's kids, but sometimes it is impossible. At least he's not someone we have to see again.

  2. I've slowly stopped hating other peoples kids and instead hate their dumbass lazy parents who think that playgrounds, play places, malls etc are baby sitters for their children. On the other hand, thanks for another entertaining tale Kerri!

  3. I'm glad you won. I was so sure that you were going to be beaten by that kids' parents for telling him what to do! People are either so oblivious I want to kill them or so stifling of their kids that I want to kill them. Either way, it's dead bodies all around.