Friday, November 2, 2012

Who they are now

I heard once that the person you are in preschool is basically the person you are for the rest of your life (give or take some chest hair and forehead wrinkles).  I sincerely hope this is true.  I spend most my time as a mom worrying that what I’m doing is ruining my kids for future generations, then I reason myself out of being worried and into accepting my style of parenting, but after that I feel guilty for not worrying and the whole cycle starts again. I never realized this was such a big part of motherhood, this constant drive to make myself better and my kids better and be perfect and of course failing miserably.  My kids don’t have consistent bedtimes or naptimes, on occasion I give in to tantrums, my kids definitely eat more candy than a “good” parent should allow. I forget bath times and diaper bags and once I called Conner a butthead and hurt his feelings really bad.  I’m far from perfect.

Despite all the craptastic parenting that goes on my kids have somehow managed to turn out pretty awesome. Conner is smart and thoughtful, he cares about animals and people and thinks kissing girls is gross. As long as he grows out of his whole whining phase he’ll do great.  Beau is wild and charming, he gets swept up completely in everything he does and always apologizes when he’s wrong. He’ll drive Conner crazy then turn around cover him in hugs because he “wubs ConCon”.  Jury is still out on Tillianne, although she has an awesome sense of fashion and doesn’t seem to show any psychopathic tendencies. My only hope is that the people they will be in the future will reflect who they are now, as far as all the stuff I screw up daily, well let’s hope it’s just adding a little character to the mix. The world needs more good people, not perfect people, just people who try and people who care.


  1. Aww!!!! I don't even know where to start to respond to this! You are an amazing mom and your kids are lucky to have you. And they are awesome kids. They'll be just fine and do great later in life. You know how I feel about teaching our kids to be flexible (as far as bedtime and things like that), it will come in handy plenty later on! Every mom goes through guilt, but not all will admit to it. We love and miss all of you!!!

  2. Thanks Bri :) We love you guys too!

  3. It sounds like your right on track and a great mom! :)