Monday, December 31, 2012

Come here let me stick this to your head...

So, along with a spray paint addiction I also have this compulsion to make millions of hairbows and force my daughter (or sons if their willing) to model them around. You may actually follow me on facebook so you occasionally get to see pictures of the ribbon-ee awesomeness. You might not follow me on facebook so you sadly you have been bereft of the bedazzled sunshine which is my daughters forehead. So here you go, enjoy, you can thank me in the comments below...

Have you ever seen such a festive baby?!! I don't want Christmas to be over just because she looks so cute in this outfit!

Oh yeah, I made a collage, be jealous. So much cuteness one picture didn't cut it, I needed 5 at minimum.

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of Tillie (and the only time she'll be appearing topless on the internet). 

Ok, that was a lie, as I wrote it I remembered this other cute naked picture where she's squishing her pudge... while wearing a cute headband. 

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