Monday, December 17, 2012

the fireball that got away...

Sometimes I go a while and think I have nothing funny or interesting to write about and my blog sort of putters to a stop. Sorry about that. Hilarious stuff happens to me every day, sometimes it takes a little time to register how funny. This is something that happened to me today, if you are raising boys maybe this type of thing has happened to you too.

Conner has this ball type toy that he loves to throw around; it has a long fabric tail that comes off it  so it can be pretended into a million awesome things. Mostly he likes to yell “FIREBALL” while swinging it around his head and launching it at stuff. Today I’m sitting on the ground playing dress up with Tillie, you know, doin’ girl stuff, when I hear:

“Have you seen a fireball like DIS!!!”

Before I can even turn my head three things happen simultaneously. The “fireball” goes flying past my face, a large plastic drinking cup smacks me upside the head, and Tillie and I are both splashed in the face with the ice water that used to be in the cup. Dumbstruck I turn to look at Conner who has both hands over his mouth, eyes wide with surprise as he starts to say,

“You know how you always say ‘accidents do happen’? “

Tillie and I stare at him dumbfounded, she has water dripping down her face and her once perky feathered headband is waterlogged.  Calmly I reply,

“Yes, I’ve said that before.”

“Well, this was soooo an accident. I did not mean to do that. I was not in control of that fireball.”

What do you even say to that? I had no words. I was laughing so hard I thought I might pee myself. My head still hurts, every time I feel a little sore I giggle silently. I’m writing this at school and I look so creepy silently giggling, gesturing, and typing. Have you ever been blasted by a fireball that got away?  


  1. I would have laughed, too. Boys can sometimes be really funny when they aren't making you crazy. :)

    1. I needed the laugh and my uncoordinated kids shouldn't really be throwing anything, or chasing anything. Gotta love boys :)