Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The worst part of parenting... - elbowdeepinsomeoneelsess*ht that's an adorable carrier of sickness and disease you've got there! 

So obviously there are some things about having kids that aren't awesome, like waking up soaked in someone else's pee or searching for hidden poos. At least you can look back on these and laugh, come one there will always be humor in poop. One thing that just straight up, flat out SUCKS, though is being sick when you're a parent.

Children are like tiny disease ridden carrier monkeys and when they're sick they are so cute and docile you just want to hug them up and make them feel all better. They bounce back quick from colds because of your loving, nurturing attention and recover with twice the energy they had before. That is the awful part, once they've spread their disease and your're lying half dead on the couch begging for the end, who is left to take care of you?!! No one, that's who.

Who are you going to call to come get your little germ spreaders? Anyone want to babysit three snot covered, yet exuberant, little petri dishes? I'm a REALLY nice person but even I'm not volunteering to take someone else's sickies.

So here I am on my couch, eating the cheese sticks the boys bring me from the fridge while Beau tries to braid my hair with his toes, contemplating ordering a pizza and offering the kids as payment. I bet it wouldn't even take my kids until snack time to start eating my body if I perished, they're worse than cats sometimes. Ugh, come on white blood cells get it together!!!


  1. Oh, it is so not fun to be sick when you have to take care of little kids. Not that it's fun without kids...
    Um, cheese sticks? Are you requesting them? I can't imagine ever wanting a cheese stick when I'm sick.
    Hope you are feeling better very soon.

  2. Mama doesn't get a sick day. We should, though. On a tropical island somewhere.