Friday, January 18, 2013

Listen to my WORDS!!!!

Watching the kids while they play at the playground hang at pool I've started to notice something.My kids are not great listeners, like straight up hear what you say than do WHATEVER the crap they want. Conner at least can be coerced into better behavior by the promise of candy or the threat of letting his sister lick all his transformers.  Beau on the other hand truly does not care, he wakes up in the morning and says to the world "Is that the worst you can do?!" When life hands Beau lemons he licks them and then gleefully watches as Conner cries, because Conner can't eat a lemon that has been licked by Beau. What can I say... I raised a tiny bad ass who refuses to be duped into obedience.

I'm not alone though, I've been watching all these other moms and their kids don't listen either. The mom who yells in Russian, the mom who yells in Japanese, even the mom who yells in Spanish... all those different languages and we are all ignored equally by our kids.

I did observe something interesting though. Beau, who is usually knowingly misbehaving really seems to respond to the angry yelling of foreign mothers. Apparently there is one thing that scares that kid into getting it together, and that is having someone else's mom yell at him in Russian... or Japanese, or Spanish... whatever. I told him 20 million times to stop throwing wood chips, and when he picked up that 20 million-and-oneth handful, the Russian mom yelled at her son to stop climbing up the slide. Beau looked startled, dropped the chips and slowly backed away towards the jungle gym. 

So here's my new plan, I know a little Spanish (I can order a cheese burger and ask where the bathroom is located)so the next time I'm out with my kids and Beau is ignoring me I'm going to stand up point at him and yell "Un hamburguesa con queso y papas FRITAS, por FAVOOOORRR!!!!!" that should bring him back to reality, if not I'll try this "DONDE esta el BAN-YOOOO!!!" 


  1. That is awesome!

    Must I point out though that it is Nic an your fault for naming him Beau Aaron Denton....B.A.D. ;)

    1. We were warned :) At least he's tiny, it makes his naughtiness adorable haha

  2. BAHAHA! I should try that technique at daycare :D

  3. OMG!! That is freaking hilarious!! Found you on the Top 25 funny mom's site. (voted for you) Come visit me sometime at
    Thanks for the laugh today!