Thursday, January 17, 2013

Merry Christmas...?

So, I have four amazing sisters and I love them like crazy! As the oldest I have quite the reputation to uphold, even though I'm the only one with kids I like to think they still consider me hip, cool, and with it. So when my two sisters who live in Wyoming sent us a holiday package, you can only imagine how flattered I was to receive this,

I opened my present and saw this little glass doohickey and thought maybe they had overestimated how cool I really was. I stared at it for a while, turned it over, looked for the little holes where you poke the marijuana in (I went to college, I know what's up, and I damn sure know you poke some stuff in somewhere). There were no holes. 

Sooooo, another idea popped into my head. I ran to the kitchen and stuck it in a wine bottle. Obviously, I'm so cool they got me a drinking accessory. Something orange and fabulous to grace the half finished wine bottles scattered across my kitchen counter tops. Didn't fit though, definitely not a wine bottle cap, that spindly little stick part held things up. 

Than it hit me. 

I ran out on the deck to the flower pots that hold my collection of dead plants and last Halloween's pumpkins (they still aren't rotten, wtf, I feel bad throwing them out when they would make good squirrel food, but of course the squirrels aren't eating them). I stuck that little mushroom into the dirt, and boom, that's where it fits. My pots look a little bit more festive now. Apparently they did not overestimate my coolness, they were basically dead on... potted plant accessories are awesome :)


  1. I cannot believe you figured that out. I thought for sure it was a wine saver thing.
    Although, the fact that your sisters sent it to you with no package or instructions makes me like them very much.

    1. They are pretty hilarious, they said they thought it was pretty self explanatory... mmmmkkkaayyyy lol