Thursday, January 3, 2013

save my eyesight, stop the whining

Ok, my kids were uncharacteristically well behaved and hilarious yesterday. I enjoyed their company so much I didn't even force them to take their afternoon "save mommy's sanity" naps. They said a plethora of funny things I documented on my Facebook, and at the end of the day I was pretty happy and relaxed.

Today, though, they took all that pent up crazy and unleashed it in the form of crying, whining, and OH MAH GOURD the bickering. Seriously, I would jump out the window but we're on the first floor and it wouldn't really accomplish anything, plus their fast and I'm old they'd surely catch me. After they ran me down they would proceed to whine and complain about why I was running down the street instead of fixing their cuppies, or resetting the netflix, or refreshing their soggy cocoa puffs.

You know that scene in A Christmas story where Ralphie dreams of becoming blind as a result of soap poisoning? That will be me someday. Slowly made blind by the incessant whining of my offspring. Maybe not  so much the whining that did it but the alcohol consumption that resulted. I'm almost out of wine, let's hope we don't have that stupid non alcoholic mouthwash. Haha, I kid, I'm not running out of wine any time soon...

You know what though? Here's proof that even when they're annoying the CRAP outta me, their still pretty hilarious. This book caused a big fight this morning. Beau claims this is a picture of a "space toot" (seriously who says toot anymore?) Conner believes it is "smoke from the end of the rocket creating a trail through space as it is propelled forward." (nerd) Let me tell you, you do not tell Conner those are space farts because them's fightin' words and he stands ready to protect the dignity of space craft everywhere. Good thing I'm here to put older brothers in time out and stuff offensive literature under the couch until it can be properly appreciated. 

haha. toot. toooot. space toot.

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  1. My 14 year old still says toot. Cracks me up every time.
    Hopefully tomorrow they will be back to happy, funny kids for you.