Wednesday, February 27, 2013

just like that

So this morning started crappy. We came home last night to find that we had no power, and it had been out for a couple hours so no dry laundry. Power didn't come on until around 4am, and all the lights we didn't realize had been left on awakened us. Thanks to the darkness and lack of Netflix availability I did manage to get eight hours of sleep though, so it hurt a little less when the power went out again this morning before the coffee could finish brewing. Whatever, I'm over it. Although I did curse Tuesdays, until my husband reminded me that it's actually a Wednesday.

We got it together and were out the door, late, of course. On the way to the car Beau and I found a stranded worm destined to become bacon and I picked him and carried him to a little patch of wet dirt. As we stood over the worm proud of our good deed, a sparrow flew out of the nearby bushes right over our heads and snatched the worm from in front of us and was then gone. I screamed, of course, because seriously birds are freaky. Beau was traumatized, I was traumatized he cried over the worm all the way to car... and then for a little while longer just to make sure we got the point.

From there we went to Walmart, and days I haul my kids through Walmart alone are never good days. They're exhausting, sucky, hard work filled days. I pushed their whiney butts up and down aisles and through the check out then back out to the car to load a million groceries and three wild animals. Just as I was loading the baby in the woman who was parked next to me walked up and stood waiting to get in her car. I quickly cleared all my kids and stuff from her side so she could load her bags and leave. She commented on how tired I looked, and yep no coffee this morning so I look like death. She commented on how busy I looked, I juggled my two year old and four year old and diaper bag and answered yep, I was pretty busy. Then she did something unexpected...

This woman put her things in her car then came back around to my cart and asked what she could do to help me. I think my jaw hit the ground. People always comment on how exhausted I look, or how hard it must be to have three kids so young and so close together in age. I've never had someone stop and help. She loaded all my groceries while I strapped the kids into their seats and I thanked her over and over and then she left. You know what? Just like that my day was better and just a little easier and I'm thankful. I feel like I'm carrying a torch of kindness, or something cheesy like that, maybe I'll be out without my kids someday and can pay it forwarded to another stressed momma who just needs a little help.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

being who you are

So y'all know I have four sisters (I also have a baby brother, and there are 17 years between us). I love my sisters, I can't even say it enough, I love them. I'm so proud of them, I'm amazed by them, and I'm inspired by these girls. I'm glad to have them in the lives of my children, even though they're miles away in Colorado and Wyoming, I'm so happy that my daughter has such amazing role models to look up to. My life is better because I know them.

These are all my siblings, sometimes we rock out at weddings.
Especially close to my heart is my sister Abbey, we're 18 months apart and she was my first best friend... my mud puddle buddy when we were little, and in high school she was forced to awkwardly chaperon my dates.  This past couple weeks my sister Abbey has reached a point in her life where she was able to see herself and who she is clearly. She took a good look at her heart and hopes and dreams and realized she knew what she wanted from life, she found where she belongs. Abbey is going to become a nun. I'm thrilled for her, ecstatic actually, and extremely proud. It takes courage to be who you are, especially if it means you don't fit into the norm, and my sister is a courageous bad ass.
old school picture of a few of us, Abbey has her head on Mom's shoulder, Kelly in Mom's lap, Shannon with the cute button nose, and I'm the one with brown hair.

I'm not super religious myself, if we're being honest I sit through church services only if I'm forced (usually by my mother) and it feels like torture. I spend most my time looking at the other adults around me wondering if they are also suffering or if maybe they're feeling something else, something holy. When we were kids my mom would make us kneel and pray rosaries with her in the afternoons, I spent my time praying the phone would ring, or the house would burn down.

Well, Abbey is the total opposite, she would go to mass every day if she could, she wants to pray rosaries daily, because it stirs something in her soul that I've never felt. Even though I'm a flaming heathen, I try, and my sweet sister never judges, never chastises, she has only love. Love for everyone, no matter race, religion, or sexual orientation  she's not perfect but she comes pretty damn close in my opinion. So I guess I can share her. Because the Catholic Church needs some good people, we all need some good people for that matter.

Congratulations Abb, Abbers, Miss Aberoo, sister, best friend. I'm happy you found who you are, you make my heart sing.

My Beautiful Sister Abbey

Monday, February 18, 2013

Family Update

So it's February, how did that happen? I guess that means Tillie will be one in less than three months, she's already lost that new baby smell... sniff. She has also hit that fear of strangers milestone, and my smiley happy, lovey baby has turned into the kid who roles he eyes at strangers and quietly blinks "fuck you" in Morse code.  Sucks for her because she is also super adorable so we are stopped constantly by strangers who ask "Can you smile for me pretty girl?" and Tillie stares them down blinking back "I hate you stranger of Walmart". That probably means the end of her baby modeling career...which I haven't gotten around to starting, but I've been thinking about it.

"If you HAVE to talk to me at least address me by my full title, Princess Tillie Poops"

Conner is into dinosaurs, like REALLY into dinosaurs. He knows all their names, their LATIN names. He corrects me all the time, and says he wants to be a paleontologist (and PS that word back there, all me, no spell check, I'm super proud right now... rejoice with me!). We have an army of dino toys, and fyi a lego is not the most painful thing you can step on. I've figured out Conner and Beau's spirit animals, Conner's is Ross Geller from Friends and Beau's is the honey badger. 

Nothing makes a grown woman cry like stepping on a pile of these when you're up making a bottle at 4am, except maybe Disney movies, Super Bowl commercials about horses, and everything else in the whole world... damn you hormones!!

That brings us to Beau our resident bad ass. Beau still refuses to be potty trained, I think we'll fix that once it gets warmer though because I have a trick that worked with Conner. I would fill up the kiddie pool and strip Conner nekid and tell him he could play as long as he wanted but if he pood or peed in the pool he was doneso, no more water and no more pool that day. We only had to dump it once, and he got on board with potty training a week later. So I'll wait and trick Beau into wanting to be potty trained come summer time.

We are almost at the end of lease at the apartment we've been renting for the past year and we're really starting to feel like renting just is NOT our style anymore. We're kind of stuck in a tight spot trying to qualify for a house because our credit isn't great and since I'm home with the kids we aren't rollin' in the dough either. We'll see though, I think this is a year of big changes for us *crosses fingers* I've applied for a couple jobs and I finish my Associates in May.... so we'll see where life takes us I guess. I hate not having though, I hope something comes through soon because I would like to have an idea where we're going next.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Don't Forget Your List GIVEAWAY

So here's the giveaway I was telling you about earlier. I'm giving away three free downloads of the app "Don't Forget Your List", isn't that awesome! I'm just wanna give a big thank you and shout out to the Mommas who are going to hook three of my readers up with this cool app, THANK YOU!!

All you have to do are jump through a few hoops... not really actually, you don't do anything you're not already doing (yeah, I know you're just hangin' out Facbooking and Pinteresting and Twittering, you don't fool me) You have one week to put in your entries and you can  put in more votes everyday. The winner will be auto selected by Rafflecopter so it is totally fair and random. 

Winners are asked to do a quick iTunes review of the app after they've used it for a little while to help spread the word. So now if you're totally ready... here it is... have fun... good luck.

   a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't Forget Your List!

Hey y'all! Today I'm taking a break from hilarious stories about my cuter than average children to talk to you about something serious. Something that affects all mothers, something I deal with everyday, it's called... mommy brain. Mommy brain is a debilitating disease that begins with pregnancy and apparently lasts, umm I don't know, forever!

I know I'm not the only one suffering here, but I have something that could make it just a little bit better. Are you ready for it... I'm about to blow. your. mind.

Don't Forget Your List is an amazing app that I am incredibly excited to tell you about! This app allows you to save the GPS location of stores or places you go often and then create a list associated with that GPS location. Then when you come within a certain range, either a mile, half a mile, or a quarter mile, your phone alerts you to the fact that you have a list for a store nearby. Awesome, right?!

I've been using this for a little over a week and I LOVE it! I have an alert for the library, the post office, Walmart, Target, and Kroger. I'm finally remembering to drop off the Netflix (so my husband is SUPER happy about this app as well). I'm thinking I might even put in an alert for all the Dunkin' Donuts places in my area because yes I'm crazy and obsessed and geeez their coffee is AMAZING!

Another GREAT thing about this app, it was created by two sisters, who are also moms (and obviously incredibly smart). I think that just adds to the charm of "Don't Forget Your List"... well that and the fact that it's only $1.99.... so yes I am telling you that you can basically replace the brain cells your children damaged for only $1.99.

So if you are like me and think you would love this app check out "Don't Forget Your List's" Facebook Page their website or their iTunes page.

Also PS. I'm over at Circle of Mom's top 25 Mom Bloggers just chillin' around #160 so if you want to add a vote I would love it!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Bug Redemption

A few of you may remember my post The Bug, a story in I which fearlessly defend Beau from a giant flying bug with nothing but my bare hands and the electric flyswatter they were holding. HA! More like a tale where I ran around screaming and confirmed all the neighbors suspicions that I have, in fact, lost my mind.

Well I have a new story for you today, a story where good wins out over evil, mothers defend their offspring, and Beau is once again attacked by a bug. 

Our story begins as we are cruising and perusing the aisles of Walmart, I parked my three seater minivan of shopping carts at the end of an aisle to get a better look at some oddly shaped hunting knives. Suddenly from the cart I hear Beau screaming, "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mommy, MOMMMMMM!!!! My knee!!!!!" 

Casually I answer, "Quiet Beau-ee, your knee is fine, you need a kiss? Here I blew you one." *smooch*


"Pieder" translates to spider so I decided to maybe cruise by and take a gander. You never know with Beau, he's terrified of spiders and often confuses things like toe jam, dirt, and every bug that moves for a spider. Well as I come to take a closer look I see that for once Beau is right, a brown spider is dangling a few inches above his little knee and he can't escape. He is strapped into the seat and the PIEDER is coming RIGHT for him!

Without even thinking I jumped in to save my baby, actually I think I screamed something like "MYYYY BAAABAYYYYY!!!" Than I open palm, bitch slapped that spider out of the air, did you catch that I SLAPPED A SPIDER OUT OF THE AIR!!!! Spider landed on the ground and was then trampled as I ran in circles screaming intermittently and repeating over and over "Conner! Did you just see that?!!" 

I grabbed poor traumatized Beau baby, Conner missed the whole thing, of course. Gah! So basically I looked like the John McClane of spider squashers, and NOBODY saw!! Oh well, I retold it here EXACTLY as it happened, so now you can all stand witness to the fact that I have redeemed myself after Beau's last bug attack.