Monday, February 18, 2013

Family Update

So it's February, how did that happen? I guess that means Tillie will be one in less than three months, she's already lost that new baby smell... sniff. She has also hit that fear of strangers milestone, and my smiley happy, lovey baby has turned into the kid who roles he eyes at strangers and quietly blinks "fuck you" in Morse code.  Sucks for her because she is also super adorable so we are stopped constantly by strangers who ask "Can you smile for me pretty girl?" and Tillie stares them down blinking back "I hate you stranger of Walmart". That probably means the end of her baby modeling career...which I haven't gotten around to starting, but I've been thinking about it.

"If you HAVE to talk to me at least address me by my full title, Princess Tillie Poops"

Conner is into dinosaurs, like REALLY into dinosaurs. He knows all their names, their LATIN names. He corrects me all the time, and says he wants to be a paleontologist (and PS that word back there, all me, no spell check, I'm super proud right now... rejoice with me!). We have an army of dino toys, and fyi a lego is not the most painful thing you can step on. I've figured out Conner and Beau's spirit animals, Conner's is Ross Geller from Friends and Beau's is the honey badger. 

Nothing makes a grown woman cry like stepping on a pile of these when you're up making a bottle at 4am, except maybe Disney movies, Super Bowl commercials about horses, and everything else in the whole world... damn you hormones!!

That brings us to Beau our resident bad ass. Beau still refuses to be potty trained, I think we'll fix that once it gets warmer though because I have a trick that worked with Conner. I would fill up the kiddie pool and strip Conner nekid and tell him he could play as long as he wanted but if he pood or peed in the pool he was doneso, no more water and no more pool that day. We only had to dump it once, and he got on board with potty training a week later. So I'll wait and trick Beau into wanting to be potty trained come summer time.

We are almost at the end of lease at the apartment we've been renting for the past year and we're really starting to feel like renting just is NOT our style anymore. We're kind of stuck in a tight spot trying to qualify for a house because our credit isn't great and since I'm home with the kids we aren't rollin' in the dough either. We'll see though, I think this is a year of big changes for us *crosses fingers* I've applied for a couple jobs and I finish my Associates in May.... so we'll see where life takes us I guess. I hate not having though, I hope something comes through soon because I would like to have an idea where we're going next.

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  1. Oh, those dinosaurs hurt!! Why do the cutest kids have to go through that "You can't make me talk/smile" phase? Those poor grandmas at the store just want a little lovin'.
    Good luck with the house/living arrangements. Limbo is a no-fun place to be.