Friday, April 5, 2013

Poppin Tags!

So, I'm kind of obsessed with vintage pyrex right now. I found some stuff at a thrift shop down the street and I've been dragging my kids to Goodwill every week since. You remember the post about why you should never go shopping with my family? Well if you're looking for excitement in your life go thrifting with me. Seriously. When I walk into a thrift store I feel like I'm a guest on The Price is Right, I can barely contain myself, and then I find some vintage treasure and seriously, shit hits the fan. 

See this vintage pyrex fridgee? I literally screamed when I found it. In the middle of the Goodwill I snatched it off the shelf like it was the first five minutes of a black Friday store opening and yelled "LOOK WHAT I FOUND!! I told you this was the lucky Goodwill!!!" My husband was flabbergasted and the other store patrons were staring over the shelves probably wondering what priceless antique treasure they had missed.  

This set of dishes right here, vintage Hazel-Atlas Crinoline in pink. PINK!! could you just die, because I about did. Right in the middle of the same lucky Goodwill, I mean I can just see a future of tea party birthdays for my baby girl, all served on this set of dishes. I love it!! 

Holding vintage dishes is like holding a piece of history in your hands, I think of the other women who owned these pieces. Maybe they bought Pyrex at a house party or were given this set of dishes as a wedding present, I wonder if they cherished it as much as I do.  So if you're looking for something fun, come treasure hunting with me. We can wear eye patches and pretend to be pirates, seriously it might make the screaming and carrying on when I find something slightly less weird. 

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  1. I would go with you for sure! I love stuff like that. I could spend hours at antique malls, too, just browsing and pondering.