Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Antler Canvas DIY

At my new job I work on a floor that has some serious, serious cubicle decor going on. No kidding, you should see the way my coworkers decorate, they're AMAZING. I joke that they should sell tickets to let the other floors in the building come through for a tour, like a Cube-a-Rama type event. So after spending a few months with my new team I've been working on my own cubicle decor, because nothing motivates me to work like being surrounded by sparkley and spangley do dahs!

I saw some antlers on pinterest that were painted gold and started to fall in love with the idea. So I started looking on Craigslist for some antlers I could decorate, but most of them came with deer pieces still attached sooooo.... that didn't work out. Then I had an idea to draw my own gold antlers on a canvas and decorate them and voila!

So here's a quick sorta-tutorial to show anyone interested how to make the same thing!

Michael's had a sale on canvases and bought a bunch in various sizes, along with some silk flowers, Martha Stewart gold craft paint, and 1 inch foam paint brushes. 

To start I drew the shape of an antler on cardboard and cut it out to use as a stencil (you can see the "antler" in the picture below)

Next, I traced the antler onto a blank canvas and started filling in the lines with Marth Stewart gold craft paint. 

I let them dry for a little while and then pulled out my glue gun and some silk flowers to add a final touch to the canvas. 

I broke off the flowers from the wire stems and cut the plastic as close to the petals as possible, and glued them to the antlers. 


ba bam! Some awesome art!

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