Sunday, April 6, 2014

the flu has landed...

Hey Y'all,

I am blogging here today from the land of the influenza infected, just in case you're not familiar, allow me to paint a picture for you. We woke up early Thursday morning to the sound of an unhappy Tillie, groggily responding to her angry cries, we found that she was not just unhappy she was also covered in vomit. Now, not that I'm bragging but, 5 1/2 years into parenthood we got this barf thang down! The trick is to contain, contain, contain... so we wrapped her up in the her cute little puke covered bed things and unwrapped the whole vomit bomb in the bathtub. We had one toddler down and while the other two kiddos were still sleeping peacefully, I could see the possibility of more stomach chunks in our future.

Now that I'm working there's always a decision to be made when a kid shows signs of disease. Should I take off form work? Can Nic stay home? Are some of the kids healthy enough to still go to the sitter? I opted to work from home and hastily called the daycare, begging, pleading... ok, maybe that's a little dramatic. The two puke free kids were good to go, for about 6 hours, than I got the call... Beau had a fever of 102. 

So that's basically how it began, now we're four days into this whole flu thing, and the kids are getting some of their energy back... but not any kind of cheerful energy... more like deviant, snot-filled defiance. Tillie is a curly haired terror, she has the voice of an 80 year old lounge singer, and angrily demands "More LET IT GO!!!". I've watched Frozen maybe ten times... maybe 40 I don't know I've lost count. When Tillie's sleeping the boys get a Pokemon marathon going... that was fine until they only wanted to watch it in Spanish, the same episode over and over again... in Spanish. My sanity is barely hangin' on.

I'm hoping a recovery is in sight... or margaritas... 

Pitiful sick child Tillie
He's still pretty cute even when he's a pukester

Some BFFs right here!

We got that sweet vomit bucket from the urgent care, stoked that it matches my decor

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  1. That sounds like a rough four days! Love your description ofh Tillie's voice! Haha she totally has the voice of an 80 year old lounge singer! "More LET IT GO!!!!" Keep up the energy! :)