Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tillie Boo Boo

So... while we were out in Colorado a few weeks ago Tillie had her second birthday and we were very, very lucky to get to celebrate with our in town family. One of the amazing presents Tillie received was this adorable flamingo dress from my wonderful Aunt Kathi. Now this dress is pretty much to die for, over the top, tutu fabulous... I mean this dress is DA BOMB!!! I've posted a picture below for your verification,

So now that you've seen the awesomeness that is this flamingo dress, I have a confession to make. After seeing Tillie in this dress I felt like I couldn't just keep her undeniable cuteness all to myself anymore... and I signed her up for a fashion show next month. It's a local vendor that is hosting the show to display her clothes and accessories all I have to provide are flip flops... which is the only shoe Tillie doesn't have so I'm gonna get to go shooooping!!!

Alright, seriously though, I'm trying to contain my excitement... and also teach Tillie some tricks... you know there ain't nothin' cuter than small well trained children (slight sarcasm here). Anyway, we've been working all weekend on a little routine that goes like this,

walk down the runway... twirl... throw her arms out and yell "Ta-Da!!"... then blow a kiss.

Totally beyond adorable, and she totally pulls it off about 50% of the time. So based on those statistics I see this fashion show going one of two ways:

1. She does her routine and the crowd goes crazy, chanting "Tillie! Tillie! Tillie!!!" Nickelodeon and Disney get into a heated bidding war over the rights to a show about her cuteness.... we turn them down of course (we're not those kind of people who are going to sell their kid's childhood to the highest bidder ppsssh) Tillie grows up "small town famous" and we all live happily ever after

2. Tillie walks to the end of the runway, twirls violently several times before stumbling to a stop and yelling "TA DAAAAAA!!!!" unfortunately all those twirls give her the balance of a soccer mom three margaritas in (that's me) and she falls sideways off the stage. Luckily she is nothing if not durable and  she hops back up to gruffly yell "KISSIESSSS!!! KISSIESSSS!!" while smacking herself in the mouth and blowing spit everywhere.

I have to say either way I'll be super proud... and I'll write about it here.

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  1. You're going to be a pageant mom. I will totally watch the show.