Saturday, January 14, 2017

DIY Lace Crown Tutorial


I recently made this for my sister who is expecting her first baby. I'm just a little bit excited to be having a baby niece... just a little... ok I'm flat ecstatic!!

Anyway, I had a lot of requests for how to make this, so here's is my quick attempt at a tutorial, it really is super easy.

First thing you need is supplies:

Gold crochet lace
3/8" grosgrain ribbon of your choice
pretty diamond or button accents
spray starch (heavy)
hot glue gun
hot glue sticks

 I was able to find everything I needed at Hobby Lobby, with the exception of the spray starch (honestly they might have that too, but I forgot to look. I bought mine at the grocery store for 1.69)

the accent pieces were an after thought, I just had some from another project, but they really added a little sumpin sumpin 
Step 1: cut the lace your desired length and lay out on a cookie sheet, I covered mine with parchment paper because I happened to have some around. 

Step 2: Spray the crap outta it with spray starch, I'm talking soaked, flip it over and really soak both sides.
because we're friends, you'll disregard the embarrassing state of my cookie sheet right?
Step 3: The starch has to dry... you could do this and let it sit over night, or you can turn your oven on at 200 degrees and lightly toast it. It's up to you, both methods seem to be effective. 

The goal is to get it stiff enough it can stand on it's own when you make it into a ring, but not so stiff that you could accidentally (or on purpose) shank someone with it. 

Step 4: Once the starch has dried completely remove it from the oven, and now we're going to apply a ribbon trim to the bottom.

Hello hot glue gun, you buddy old pal. Here is where you measure a strip of ribbon that matches the bottom of your crown and with a small bead of hot glue you attach it the bottom of the lace.

I recommend doing on a surface that you will not be upset if hot glue gets stuck to, I glue mine to the table every time. 

Step 5: Now here's where we bring both ends around and create the ring of the crown. You want to run a bead of hot glue here too, and overlap the ends by about a 1/4- 1/2 inch.

Step 6: Create a tiny bow for the front and attach the gemstone of your choice. I took a piece of ribbon about 2" long and glued the ends in to create a small bow, I then glued it to the front of the ribbon trim on the crown. 

step 1: cut ribbon strip

Step 2: fold ends in to create small bow
Step 3: Marvel at the magnitude of your creativity

Step 7: Boom! You are complete! Let the glue cool and enjoy your new crown

If you followed this and loved it please tag me in your pictures on facebook! I would love to see what you create!