About Me

Hi, I'm Kerri I'm a mom who happens to spend a lot of time at home, and a full time student. I blog to keep my sanity. I have three kids all under the age of five, I change five poopy diapers a day on average. Conner was potty trained two weeks before his third birthday, if that timeline continues for all the children I will have spent six straight years elbow deep in someone else's shit, hence the name of my blog.

Here's what you should know about me:

1. My AMAZING photography skills are brought to you by... Instagram. (Oh except for that one up top, that was taken by a fabulous photographer friend) I will Instagram the shiz outta any family event or holiday, some day you'll all thank me. 

2. After I change a diaper I like to wrap it up and throw it at the trashcan in the kitchen. One trillion diaper changes later and I'm basically the Michael Jordan of poop tossing. I wish that skill translated to actual sports  or anything useful really.

3. I almost drove off the road once because I thought I saw Bigfoot, it turned out to be a dead shrubbery. This actually happened another time except I thought I saw a giant UFO rising behind my car, it was actually just a street light. 

4. Conner's full name is Conner William, we picked William after Willie Nelson. After we found out we were having a boy we went home and watched Electric Cowboy, and the inspiration hit us.

5. Beau's name was picked because he had the most beautiful ultrasound picture I've ever seen, he looked exactly like a baby not just a fuzzy blob. Nic agreed to the name because I let him think it is picked for Hank Williams Jr, short for Bocephus. 

6. Had there been zero husband involvement I would have named the boys after the most amazing mustaches in history and we would have had Samuel Elliot and Thomas Selleck, I still think those names are RAD I have no idea why Nic didn't go for it.

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  1. #3 is HILARIOUS!I'm glad you didn't crash!
    #6 is inspiring. I like the Thomas Selleck idea.

    Found you through the HonestMom link up!