Best of Elbows

Since you are perusing my site here's some of my most popular posts as well as a couple that are really just my personal faves. Do you have a post you'd like to nominate? Let me know!

1. Not How I Wanted to Spend Naptime -just fyi, I still have never found this poo... well played Beau, well played

2. Shopping With Three Kids - if you are afraid of germs it might be better if you never read this post... actually if germs are an issue you probably shouldn't be on this blog at all

3. Perks of Parenting - This is one of my personal favorites, if you are thinking about having kids these are definitely some points to consider

4. Preparing For Hurricane Sandy - I think this one was popular just because of the adorable picture of Tillie I included... go ahead and click the link to see... you know you want too...

5. 5 signs you're losing your mind from staying home with the kids - I really feel this post should be more popular than it actually is, so here's a plug to boost it's ratings

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